Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Sweat the Technique

My bud Ronan helped me out for a while today on some drawers that will go in an armoire I'm making for Imelda and Francesca. He busted out a clamp-free method of laying up the drawers that is so ingeniously simple it made me feel like I overcomplicate everything I do to the point of chaotic pandaemonium. These are the breaks:

First, you need to precisely cut all your drawer sides and bottoms with mitred corners, and the bottom needs to be grooved in there. Then you get all your sticks organized on a flat table alongside some glue and packing tape.

Then you line up your sides, edge to edge. Make sure they are groove side down, not like in the photo.

Here is the rad part: you simply tape each edge together, tight.

Then you flip the whole strip over, notch side up, and ease a noodle of glue down the bottom of your little mitre valleys.

Roll all the sides up and tape the final joint...

Slide the drawer bottom into the groove to keep it all square...

And finally, stack up all your perfect, taped-up drawers and let the glue dry over night.



chesstounette said...

*sigh*. can't wait! already looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Bon reportage. Ronan

terri said...

genius. we don't mind saving a few drops of sweat around here. thanks for the insider info!

Anonymous said...
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