Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relevant News

Two things, both related: one, I made a website for my design projects; two, I have a piece in a great group show opening next Monday, September 20th at the Phillips de Pury design space at Saatchi Gallery in London.  I honestly feel very lucky to show among such great designers.  You can see which ones below in the official invite, which, I should add, is not exclusive.  If you are in London, please come check it out.  If you want to see something wonderful, watch Max Lamb make a stool on the beach here.

The piece I have in the show is called the Glass Slipper.  It is a clear, transparent, light-up skateboard shaped from a single piece of polycarbonate.  It is a midsize board with many influences.  The outline is based on the Stubbie surfboards designed by George Greenough and currently made by Bob Duncan in Santa Barbara, Ca.  However, the Glass Slipper's outline has no curves but rather a polygonal shape.  The entire edge is chamfered and polished to cater to the light shining from within from LEDs in light-up risers, recessed into the deck.  Polycarbonate is super tough and pretty flexible.  The Glass Slipper is a flex deck, but not a longboard, or a tiny seventies-style fiberglass board.  The feel is fluid,  bouncy, and new. 

I'm very happy to feature Solitary Arts hardware, especially the Moonlights light-up risers.  Many thanks to Yong-ki and Geoff (the Glass Slipper's first test audience) for all the support and for making such fine gear. 

Here are some photos, the invite to the show (I'm listed as Adrian Meier-Dentzel), and the "official" blurb about the Glass Slipper:

Big round of applause please for Brent Dzekciorius, a curator cut from the finest curatorial cloth.  I installed my piece recently, and was very impressed with the depth of knowledge and appreciation Brent has for all the designers and their pieces in the group.  The guy cares.


"Glass Slipper"
skateboard, 2010
Adrian Rubi-Dentzel
polycarbonate, LEDs, metal, pulyurethane

The product of nostalgic futurism and California lore, the Glass Slipper is a crystal clear, glowing skateboard.  During the day, watch the prism-flecked sidewalk pass under you.  At night, glide down the street on an illuminated crystal slab.

Each Glass Slipper is hand-shaped out of a single piece of clear polycarbonate by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel at UFACTO in Paris, France, and features Moonlights light-up risers, Black Eggs wheels, and Steely Shieldless bearings, all by Solitary Arts, and "22" trucks by Ace.

On show and available at Phillips de Pury at Saatchi Gallery in London.