Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ye Olde Beginnings, Fall 2007

I found a couple ghost posts from almost two years ago that I did on my wife's blog; also some great portraits she did of WBA. Below are some photos of the protean Cube. It was, indeed, an incredible Fall: days of carpentry and masonry, taco truck in the driveway at 11am everyday, listening to the WBA workshop the new songs in the living room, waves at dawn and then at dusk.
ghost post 1
ghost post 2
Rubi WBA portraits

Let the sun shine in


Quadruple window view. Sgarzi looking "tan".

Nentwig in the attic

Math: 1 satellite dish plus 1 skilsaw = 2 moveable walls for sound separation.

Next time, photos of the studio as it is now...

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